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Landscaping Services

Make us your first choice if you are looking for Artificial Grass

As part of our services, our team of artificial grass installers in the West Midlands can lay your artificial grass for you. This ensures a hassle-free experience and can guarantee the best results too.

If you are interested in our installation service, phone us and provide your approximate dimensions for a quick estimate or we will arrange a no obligation appointment to explain the benefits of artificial turf. This appointment will also give us a chance to provide advice to unsure homeowners and businesses as well as calculate an accurate quotation.

Our first-class service focuses on care and precision with each and every installation we carry out. This will help to ensure a natural-looking lawn and quality, not to mention satisfying results. Our professional team will carry out the entire artificial turf installation, from clearance – stage one – right through to the removal of left behind debris and rubbish. This will leave you with a pristine lawn you can be proud of.

Brickwork in the Garden

Brickwork in the garden could be a new wall, pathway or a special feature. It can also have functions as well; such as holding a greenhouse up, retaining a soil bank, forming an edge or division, a built in BBQ, raising a planting bed, enclosing the wheely bin or compost heap, helping to provide a level site for the patio, screening off neighbours, creating rooms, or simply acting as a boundary.

They are also quite useful for hanging gates on, and building arches in! We’d love to hear your ideas and put together some designs.

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping consists of the hard things you will have in your garden, like bricks, concrete, stone, gravel etc. As soft landscaping is the soft or living element of your garden, flowers, shrubs, grass, trees, soil, and anything growing in general.

We offer the removal of all hard things you do not want in your garden using mini diggers or for larger jobs we have a range of idustrial machinery and vehicles that will be able to do the job.

Fencing Services

Our skilled and highly experienced team have gained us an excellent reputation throughout the local area as providers of high-quality fencing. As a family run business, we treat each and every job as if it were our own. If you are looking to replace fencing, install a gate or even replace your hedge with a fence, you can trust us to get the job done and done well.

Our high quality fencing products, outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail and cost effective pricing have helped our business become one of the local leading experts.

We offer a wide range of solutions, we have highlighted some below however this is a very brief description of a subject with countless options, please call us to arrange for free quotation, unique to your own requirements.

Let us design your private paradise

A sunny spot in the garden for sunbathing; a contemporary terrace for evening entertainment; or simply a quiet corner to wind down after a busy day at work – our designers can provide imaginative solutions to incorporate a wide range of textures, shades and styles for your garden’s new patio or terrace.

We like to work closely with our clients at design stage, ensuring every project is perfectly tailored to suit individual needs.  It’s then just a case of handing over to our construction team who always work to the most exacting standards in bringing your garden to life.

Wherever possible we support the use of reclaimed and ethically sourced natural stone, meaning you can relax that little bit more!