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Other Services

Concrete Driveways

Installing a concrete driveway will start with removing grass and any other plants to ensure a stable soil foundation. Wood forms are then installed around the perimeter of the intended driveway. A base of class 5 gravel will be put in at least 4 inches thick. Reinforcement material is added just above the packed gravel base. And then the concrete is applied.

Concrete driveways are very low maintenance when installed and have a very long life span of 25-50 years, if looked after. We offer maintenance checks and a deep clean for when your drive needs it, this will keep it in great conditions for longer.

We will design and transform your drive/patio in to a greta looking usable space. From the design all the way through to build you will receive our full attention from start to finish, we take charge of the entire works from the prep to the installation and will work with you until all work is complete 100% satisfaction

Driveway Cleaning

We offer a first class driveway cleaning and sealing service in Coventry and the surrounding areas. Using powerful jet washers and rotary cleaning heads. We are able to clean away dirt, mould, algae and weeds restoring even the dirtiest of drives and patios to their former glory.

Concrete driveways do not need a lot of maintenance however they do require some to enable longevity. If not maintained, opportunities to seal cracks my lead to water getting through and damaging the driveway.

It is best to be proactive about maintaining the health of your driveway, so call us out before extensive damage occurs. Call our team out before it is too late and get your driveway maintained.

Garden Clearances

Bound aggregate surfacing provides a contemporary, attractive, porous/semi porous surface. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system that is flexible and resistant to cracking.

Porous/Semi porous
Aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing
Durable and UV stable
Low maintenance
Creative designs
Anti-slip and meets ADA compliance
Can be applied on to asphalt and concrete or other stable substrate

Long Lasting and Durable Gravel Driveways

An affordable option when getting your driveway done, gravelling is great especially when covering a larger area you find it far more affordable than using concrete. You have the choice of using gravelling grids and weed prevention membrane to enhance longevity, the grids prevent gravel migration and you won’t need to keep topping up another gravel layer. And the membrane stops the weeds from growing through.

The only maintenance required with a gravel driveway is the removal of weeds – if you decide not to lay a weed prevention membrane – and the top-up of gravel every few years.